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Where community power is transforming Forsyth County into a thriving place for education and community growth; supporting children from before birth through their careers.

Hello from Forsyth Family Power Network

A Community-Powered and Community Led Movement.

At Forsyth Family Power Network, we believe that a child's success is connected to the health and happiness of the whole community. For children and youth to do well, they need good schools, safe and secure neighborhoods, healthy food, and proper healthcare.

We are a community-powered and community-led movement, working together to make it so that all children have what they need to thrive, from before birth through their careers.

We believe that the wellbeing of every child makes the whole community stronger.

Winston-Salem, the City of Arts and Innovation, faces a big challenge.


Major gaps in education outcomes and opportunities hold back our community's overall progress and profoundly affect the daily lives of children struggling under failing community conditions. Black, Latinx, and low-income families bear the brunt of these conditions.

Despite an abundance of programs and projects that benefit our kids, we've come to understand that piecemeal solutions to ‘fix’ education just aren’t enough. Real change requires a comprehensive approach to drive progress at every stage — from prenatal support for families, all the way through to career readiness and success.

No single program or initiative can do this alone.

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Our vision is to power community leadership to overcome the deep gaps in education and opportunity.

We believe Community Knows What Community Needs — that when community is in charge, the solutions work better for everyone. We go beyond just focusing on schools — we imagine a future where every child is supported and nurtured right from the start, no matter their background. For us, this isn’t just a dream — it's a community promise — to support our future generation by working together to transform our outcomes and our communities.

Traditional models of research and program design don’t account for what Black and Latinx families really need. Said simply — if we don’t understand the people we’re trying to support, we can’t effectively help them. We built the Forsyth Family Power Network to fill this gap.

Forsyth Family Power puts community in the driver’s seat to collaborate on solutions that work for everyone — across education, housing, healthcare, and beyond. With an awareness of how systems work and a focus on real, authentic lived experience,

we deliver powerful, community-owned solutions that support people and help them thrive.

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The Forsyth Family Power Network

Forsyth Family Power Network


Spotlight: Community Researchers

We're directly engaging Black and Latinx people from our community as researchers. They're not just gathering data; they're leading the work to truly understand what families need and want. By training community members as researchers, we're making sure their voices and experiences shape plans and the future for our children. Our goal is to create learning environments and a thriving community that are culturally-affirming for our Black and Latinx communities. We've talked to the community and gathered their feedback, leading to useful recommendations and reports. This work is all about being inclusive and making smart decisions for thriving communities.

Spotlight: My Brother's Keeper Action Network

My Brother's Keeper Winston-Salem is a pivotal Collaborative Action Network, dedicated to uplifting and supporting boys and young men of color. This network collaborates across various sectors to provide mentorship, educational support, and vital resources, actively working to dismantle barriers these young individuals often face. 

My Brother's Keeper WS actively brings youth leadership into the heart of community decision-making, ensuring that the voices and perspectives of young people are central in shaping the policies, resources, and actions that directly affect their lives. As a part of this network, we are committed to fostering an environment where every young man can achieve his full potential, contributing positively to both their personal growth and the broader community. Join us in this collaborative journey to empower and inspire the next generation.

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Spotlight: PreK Parent Quality Standards Report

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